If you’re really hungry, go to Canteen Bus.

We've found a new restaurant for you to discover: the Canteen Bus. You who like to eat and be full, this place is made for you! Known for its hearty dishes, and since our reputation as gourmets is no longer to be proven, we went to the Canteen Bus restaurant in Paris. It's a warm place to eat well and spend great evenings with friends. We were looking for a place that was a little out of the ordinary and we weren't disappointed!

What is the concept of Canteen Bus?

This restaurant was created, more than twenty years ago, by a lover of cinema and cuisine, who wanted to mix his two passions, to give an original concept full of Hollywood nostalgia. To this day, there are two in Paris: one at the Alesia metro station, the other at Les Gobelins.

Why Canteen Bus, you will tell us?

"Canteen" as in canteen, in English "Bus" because in Alesia there is a bus stop in front of the restaurant... In a warm atmosphere and an all-wood décor reminiscent of North American cottages, Canteen Bus can boast of satisfying its customers with a single dish. Enough to satisfy big appetites. Because yes, here, we don't offer appetizers but only dishes and desserts. And what dishes! Never before has a plate seemed so copious, and yet we have a good appetite! On the menu you can read "Potato Party", "Giant Hamburgers", "Giant Toasts", "Giant Salads" or "Giant Pasta". A wide choice of (giant) dishes for all tastes. The same goes for the desserts.

A restaurant for gourmet movie lovers

The other atypical side of this restaurant is the decor. As we told you before, the creator of these restaurants was a film enthusiast. So, the whole room is decorated with black and white posters of actors, and the names of the dishes correspond to the title of a movie! It's up to you to decide whether you want to eat a "4th dimension" toast, a "Titanic" salad or a gigantic "Paranormal" double hamburger with 600 g of minced meat!

One last argument to convince you to go?

The games! Throughout the year, Canteen Bus offers you games, adding a good atmosphere to your meal. The riddle of the week: between friends, it's quite nice to find (without cheating!) the solution to this riddle written on the restaurant's slate. By answering it, however, you will only earn the merit of having found the answer. Entertainment also takes place during special events such as Christmas where you can win many prizes, including UGC Passes. The Ferris wheel game: it takes place every Friday and Saturday evening. Each seated person is given a number, and if the wheel points to yours, you don't pay for your dish!
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