Crepes with almond milk

For the recipe of the day, discover the recipe for almond milk crepes. Even if we agree, we can eat crepes every day! Tuesday was Mardi Gras. You didn’t have time to enjoy it? You’re always late on dates and…

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Gourmet dessert: pear-amondine tart

This weekend, you really want to make a great dessert. Only one condition: you can’t spend 4 hours in the kitchen. Nice as we are, we’ll show you a great recipe for pear-Amandine pie. Do you know what it is?…

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Lebanese grapefruit and avocado salad

Summer is salad season. But you soon get tired of always making the same recipes and using the same ingredients over and over again. We offer you, with our new salad of the day, a trip to Lebanon. We have…

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Bruschetta tapenade and Parma ham

To travel effortlessly to the south, we have selected for you a recipe for Bruschetta with tapenade and Parma ham. Are you lazy about cooking? We promise you, you’ll get the hang of it. Because weekend evenings are often evenings…

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Spanish tortilla recipe

Fancy some tapas? Discover the Spanish tortilla recipe. This omelette is made from potatoes and is simple to make. All the steps of preparation. This week we take you to Spain! La Rédac’ has selected then prepared a typical recipe…

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How to make a green smoothie ?

Although beetroot is not a seasonal product, apples, spinach and carrots are. Together they form a combo of shock for your taste buds and your health. How do we proceed? Preparation: 10 minutes Time in the centrifuge: 5 minutes Ingredients…

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