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French wine

How do you pick a French wine?

The world of wine can be very confusing when it comes to selecting the perfect wine that will suit your taste. This is because France produces over 3000 different types of wine and a variety of almost 200 native wines….

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Banania Chocolate Breakfast Mix

Where to purchase the Banania Chocolate Breakfast Mix?

Banania chocolate breakfast mix is an approved and well-liked cocoa beverage. This drink can be described as tastier hot cocoa, with a banana flavor. In France, banania is extensively popular and highly consumed. Outlets in France stock two different kinds of this beverage, the…

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shops online

How can I locate nearby shops online?

You have a task of great enormity before yourself, and getting specific items from a store is the only way out. Undoubtedly, you will barely want to go through long trains of struggle or even suffering to acquire the said…

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Cook like you’ve always dreamed…

A website that delivers ingredients to your home, allowing you to cook from recipes written by a starred chef, you’ve dreamed of it? You can do it! Friends come to your home for dinner, but problem, you don’t know what…

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Come have fun at the Barrio Latino!

Today, we would like to introduce you to a bar (also restaurant and dance hall) where the atmosphere is great and the cocktails are to die for. We tell you everything about the Barrio Latino. A nice place to party…

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The best food trucks in Paris

In France, we’ve long dreamed of stopping in front of a food truck to buy a hot dog like New Yorkers do. Now, in France too, we have our own mobile food trucks. We share our selection with you. What…

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What is a good bistro?

We all have a favourite bistro where we wouldn’t hesitate to spend the whole day. Even if there are some of the most beautiful, newest and best located, we always go back there. But then, what is a good bistro?…

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It’s (almost) summer, let yourself be tempted by a Bubble Tea!

Spring has arrived, you want to have a terrace to laze on? The ideal time to test the new trend of the moment, straight from Asia: bubble tea! Discover these exotic teas made from tapioca… Since March 20th, Spring has…

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