What are the electric crepe makers?

From now on, forget about your stove and opt instead for a modern appliance to cook your pancakes to perfection. To do this, this article offers you some practical tips so that you can have an idea of which electric crepe maker to choose from the many offers available on the market.

What is an electric crepe maker?

The electric crepe maker is an appliance intended only for cooking crepes. It is now available in several models, check www.rollergrill-international.com/ for more about crepe makers. Also known as billigs, the oldest models of crepe makers have a very large and totally flat surface, with a cast iron plate that can go from 35 to 50 cm. They are ideal for making large pancakes in the same style as those made in a frying pan.

How to choose a good electric crepe maker?

The size

Size is indeed an essential criterion that must be taken into account in the choice of a crepe maker since there are crepe makers of all sizes. This is why it will also be necessary to determine the types of pancakes you want to make. Depending on the model of the appliance, the size of the pancakes obtained can vary from 30 to 50 cm on a classic crepe maker in XXL format, while on a crepe maker for mini crepes, the size of each crepe will be reduced to 12 cm in diameter. A 40 cm electric crepe maker will then be perfect for those who love the traditional version of maxi-crrêpes. As for those who often receive guests for a dinner or a snack, the best would be to opt for an electric pancake maker with 6 crepes which will be much more convivial.

The power

Power remains an element not to be neglected in your choice, because with most electric cooking appliances, the higher the power, the faster the cooking time. This is also the case for the pancake maker, where the power varies greatly depending on the type and model of the appliance. If you are considering buying a crepe maker for occasional domestic use, the power of your machine should not exceed 1000 watts. Some more economical models are even available with 750 watts, which is already very efficient. Electric crepe makers from 1500 watts to 2000 watts will rather be reserved for professional use or for the big fans of party crepes who need to make crepes in large quantities and very often.

The accessories

Depending on the model you choose, the accessories supplied with the unit may differ from one machine to another. In any case, they are very practical tools that make it easier to handle the pancake batter, so you might as well take advantage of them. The rozell, a kind of small flat wooden rake, is generally used to spread the crepe batter evenly on classic crepe makers. The most practical are electric crepe makers with batter spreaders, where you simply place the batter in a container and turn it over the entire surface to be spread. There is also the spatula, made of wood or plastic, which is used to turn the pancake over. And on some models of multi-crêpe makers, there is the pancake holder underneath the appliance.

Why buy an electric crepe maker?

The ease of preparation

There's nothing easier than making pancakes on an electric crepe maker. In fact, manufacturers continue to compete with each other in their imagination to offer the most practical device for pancake lovers. In fact, it is quite obvious that using an electric crepe maker with batter spreader will be easier for a beginner than using a conventional pan. It will require more technique and know-how unlike an electric crepe maker with a cast iron plate where everyone will be able to make beautiful crepes from the first use. And it's even more practical with a multi-mould pancake maker, because you only need to fill each mould to obtain the ideal pancake size, without having to worry about the dough spreading technique.

Having the ideal temperature

Another advantage of an electric crepe maker is that the temperature can be adjusted. The temperature is controlled by means of a knurled knob on the outer shell of the appliance, below the hotplate. This same knob is used to start the machine and then set it to the desired temperature. Some appliances even allow a setting of 300°C, which is clearly ideal for professional use where fast cooking is necessary to satisfy customers. However, even less powerful appliances have this setting option so that the user can manage the cooking time of his pancakes according to his readiness to turn them over. A very practical option that is not found on a gas fire, perhaps provided that the fire is turned down.
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