Electric griddle: your choice for a good quality of the cooking!

It is of Spanish origin, the electric griddle comes in the form of a metal plate under which a resistor is placed. Trendy products of recent years, electric griddles are making a remarkable entry into our homes for their many virtues. In this article, we help you to choose the right one.

Plancha electric barbecue ? What are the differences?

On the one hand, the rise in temperature of the plancha is faster and more uniform thanks to a higher heating power and cooking on a plate. You can visit www.rollergrill-international.com for more about electric griddles. On the other hand, cooking is healthier than with a conventional barbecue because the plate prevents direct contact with the heat source. In addition, because the cooking temperature is higher (around 300°C), the food is seized very quickly and caramelizes naturally, which prevents nutrients and flavours from escaping through the cooking juices. Last but not least, you can cook just about anything you want. Meat, vegetables, fish and even seafood, none of the food will pass through the griddle as opposed to cooking on the grill. You will be able to vary the pleasures...

The choice of the material of my plancha

First selection element for your griddle, the material of the hob. If there was only one criterion, it would be him. Indeed, the coating will have a considerable impact on the quality of the cooking, the life span or the way to maintain your appliance. The vast majority of electric surfboards have a cast aluminum cooktop. However, high-end models may use other materials such as stainless steel or enamelled steel. Here are the characteristics of these different materials:
  • Cast aluminium with non-stick coating: The most common and inexpensive material. Cast aluminium offers a very good temperature rise and minimal adhesion. Ideal for cooking all your ingredients, including the most fragile such as seafood. However, the appliance should be handled with care, avoiding shocks and the use of metal utensils to avoid premature wear of the non-stick coating.
  • Enamelled steel. It is a robust material that resists shocks and the use of metal utensils. Its good thermal inertia allows the plate to be kept at temperature for a long period of time in return for a longer heating time. The enamel limits the effects of corrosion as well as the adhesion of food.
  • Stainless steel. One of the best materials. Stainless steel is one of the best materials. Very robust, stainless steel griddles have an excellent durability. The risks of corrosion are minimal and maintenance is easy. This ensures a very hygienic cooking, use after use. Stainless steel is especially present on top-of-the-range electric griddles.
If you live by the sea, remember that the air is loaded with salt and accelerates the corrosion process. So be all the more careful in the choice of material and for maintenance.

Removable or reversible plates

Some electric skateboards are meant to be versatile. Thus, your skateboard can offer a set of two plates. One with a smooth face, particularly suitable for fish, shellfish or vegetables. The other, with a grooved face to perfectly sear your steaks and other pieces of meat as on a real grill. All of these materials have the advantage of not catching on to food, making cleaning easier. The vast majority of the planchas have a fat drain, which is very practical for cleaning and also for keeping a healthy and healthy cooking. Make sure, however, that this tray is removable so that it can be put directly in the dishwasher! Clean your appliance after each use, preferably when it is still warm, to prevent grease and other cooking residues from becoming too deeply embedded. Cleaning would then be more complicated and you would risk damaging the surface of the hob by using an abrasive sponge or too aggressive cleaning agents. Empty the grease drip tray after each use. Be aware that rigorous and regular maintenance will significantly extend the life of your griddle. Do not neglect this aspect.

Other selection criteria

Electric skateboards are suitable for indoor use, although outdoor use is possible if a nearby plug or extension cord is available. Most electric models are compact enough to be placed on a table. What's more, these appliances produce almost no smoke and therefore meet the needs of people living in collective dwellings. Choose an appliance with a collection tray with a good capacity to avoid having to empty it while you are using the appliance. Regarding the dimensions of your electric griddle, these appliances generally offer a larger cooking surface than electric barbecues. One difference, however, is that the larger the cooking surface, the more power your appliance will need to have in order to prevent the plate from cooling down too abruptly when you place your food on it. Choose a 25 x 35 cm (875 cm²) griddle for tables of less than 6 people. Beyond that, a plate of 45 x 25 cm (1125 cm²) minimum will probably be indispensable. You should also choose a griddle with a minimum power of 2000W so that the food is properly grasped and so that it retains all its nutritional and taste qualities as well as possible. Finally, know that electric griddles are within the reach of all budgets. From the entry-level device accessible for about twenty euros to the high-end device at a few hundred euros, there is something for all tastes and all budgets!
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