Why don’t you come and eat at the apartment in Mérignac?

Lost in a street in Mérignac, this detached house transformed into a restaurant offers gastronomic and tasty dishes just a stone's throw from Bordeaux. We'll take you there for a tour. L'appArt' is a restaurant that doesn't look like a restaurant next to Bordeaux. Lost in a street in Mérignac, this pavilion has been transformed into a gastronomic restaurant by Nicolas Orosco-Mora, former assistant to the starred chef Nicolas Magie. This somewhat confidential situation did not, however, harm this address, which now enjoys good word-of-mouth.

Restaurant l'appArt' rue Maubec in Mérignac

The other peculiarity of the place is a reduced card, which changes every month, a good way to build customer loyalty by making them want to come back. On the October menu, you can choose as an appetizer a Ceviche of sea bream, salsa verde and guacamole with orange, Scrambled Eggs in siphon, mouillettes and seasonal mushrooms, or a Beef and Mozzarella Spring Roll. For the dishes you have the choice between a Tataki of red tuna à la thaï, noodles tom yum, the Paleron and beef cheek bourguignon, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, the Supreme of guinea fowl in low temperature, chestnut purée, mushroom emulsion or the Filet of red mullet, rice paella style, fish soup.

Dish at the restaurant l'appArt' in Mérignac

For dessert this month there is a Parfait au chocolat au lait et fruits rouges, a Nut Tart with salted butter caramel sauce, Soufflé with caramelized apple compote or a Cloud of Camembert in a crispy cornetto. An initiative that we particularly like is the possibility to taste an assortment of all the desserts for 4 € extra (yes, on this site we are greedy).
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