How to chose a professional crepe maker?

When buying your professional crepe maker, it is important to consider all the important features to make sure you have the equipment you need.

Gas or electric crepe maker: what's the difference?

Among all the professional crepe makers you can find on the market. There are two main categories: gas crepe makers and electric crepe makers. Each of these two models have the common characteristic of cooking pancakes and offering a professional result. However, there are a few points that vary depending on the two machines. Check if you are interested in learning more about crepe makers. The professional electric crepe maker will allow you to make crepes at a very precise temperature thanks to its adjustable thermostat from 0°C to 300°C. The main advantage of an electric crepe maker is that it can be plugged in from anywhere, allowing you to use it both in mobile outlets such as food-trucks and in fixed locations such as restaurants. However, it takes some time for the electric crepe maker to reach its cooking temperature. The professional gas crepe maker has the advantage that the gas burners under the cooking hob allow the temperature to rise very quickly. This means that you can achieve perfect and even cooking in a very short time. Moreover, the connection of the professional crepe makers to a gas bottle is very simple and the connection is done with a click. The only disadvantage of the gas pancake maker is that you need to have a supply of gas cylinders if it is not connected to mains gas (especially in mobile pancake stands). Indeed there is no alternative to gas if you break down, it is imperative to replace the bottle to resume the activity. You have here two models of crepe makers that we sell on our website. Each one will offer you very high cooking performances and will allow you to satisfy your customers as well as possible.

How to take good care of the cooking plate of a professional crepe maker?

For your pancakes to be a success that lasts over time, it is very important to take good care of your professional crepe maker by following a few steps that will allow you to keep your crepe maker in perfect working order.

The nerve of the professional crepe maker:

This step consists of applying oil uniformly to the plate using a pad suitable for crepe makers directly after having previously connected and set the machine to a temperature of 250°C. In reaction the plate will give off a white smoke. When the white smoke has ceased to be present, this operation must be repeated 9 times. (gradually reducing the quantity of oil used). In this way, the plate is well greased. This is done the first time the crepe maker is used.

Maintenance of the professional crepe maker :

Once you have finished using the crepe maker it is important to carry out the maintenance of your machine (especially if you are a professional). To do this, you will have to turn off the crepe maker and wait until the plate becomes warm. From that moment on, you can use an abrasive stone to pass over the crepe maker with concentric movements. Then, using a cloth, you will have to take care to remove the stone residues that are present on the cooking plate by passing a light wet sponge. Finally, you just need to spread a teaspoon of oil on the plate using the pad.
What are the electric crepe makers?
Electric griddle: your choice for a good quality of the cooking!

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