The Mojito Lab: a cocktail laboratory

Did you know that in the heart of Paris, a quirky bar had opened its doors? That bar is the Mojito Lab. The concept is simple, to concoct the most original Mojitos possible for a clientele of enthusiasts and neophytes. The Mojito Lab is a bar opened in 2010 in Bastille. It bears the name of the famous alcoholic beverage, the Mojito. Taking advantage of the unconditional love of lovers of this rum drink, the Mojito Lab offers more than twenty variations of the original drink (based on mint leaves, lemon, sugar and rum). Mojito is pronounced "Morito", Cuban style, and is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks. That's why the entrepreneurs behind the Mojito Lab have been working on its production.

Where does the Mojito come from?

This cosmopolitan cocktail comes to us from Francis Drake, an English privateer known as "The Dragon", "El Draque", (by the way, he's the first Englishman to circumnavigate the world). He discovered the ancestor of the Mojito in Cuba around 1578. He finds the drink rustic and virile. He decides to reproduce it with some modifications. From "tafia", the cocktail becomes successively "Draque", "Draquecito" and then Mojito. Very quickly, his improved version was a great success in Cuba and was exported to the four corners of the United States, from Miami to San Francisco and then to New York. Europe discovered this alcoholic beverage later, in the 1990s. Today it is a very well-known and appreciated rum cocktail. If you have never tasted it before, this Bastille bar gives you the opportunity to do so, as a couple or with friends. Some famous Mojitos : How can you not remember the scene where James Blond sips a Mojito in Die Another Day with Jinx (Halle Berry). Or all those taken by Carrie Bradshaw and her thirty-year-old girlfriends (Sex and the city) during their countless night trips.

The laboratory

The Mojito Lab is one of the trendiest bars in Bastille. To make sure you can get in with all your friends, we advise you to book in advance. Moreover, this will save you from queuing up! In a real experimental laboratory, the interior won't disappoint you. It's 160 m2 on two floors, decorated in an "urban and vegetal" style, waiting for you. The atmosphere is electric, the lighting is fluorescent, the decoration is essentially composed of transparent tables, showcases showing jars of dead snakes, dissected frogs and skeletons of small pets. Indeed, this is the landmark of crazy scientists. They are crazy but smiling and generally in a good mood and full of good advice. If you don't know which Mojito variant to choose, ask their opinion or take a look at our selection :

Their other assets

These imaginative scientists also offer training courses for amateurs and professionals. There is also a Mojito market where you will find everything you need to make your own cocktails at home.
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