The best food trucks in Paris

In France, we've long dreamed of stopping in front of a food truck to buy a hot dog like New Yorkers do. Now, in France too, we have our own mobile food trucks. We share our selection with you.

What is a food truck?

Do you remember the ice cream truck that used to pass through your neighborhood when you were a kid? As soon as you heard the familiar music announcing its approach, you would rush out to buy an ice cream. What great memories! Nowadays, we love a different kind of truck, we like the ones that specialize in fast food. In the beginning there were a lot of burger food trucks, now entrepreneurs are diversifying and prepare their menu according to themes: Asian cuisine, Mexican cuisine and others. Bad food" has never been so attractive. In short, a food truck is a truck that follows a precise itinerary and sells these dishes, parked on the side of a street, on a square or in front of a square.

The 7 Food Trucks not to be missed

The Refectory, traditional French cuisine

Food trucks do not rhyme with "bad cooking" or "lack of hygiene". And this particular food truck proves it. All the dishes are made by expert little hands, the buns are made by an artisan baker and the fries are cut every morning. And, we've saved the best for last, all the products they use are 100% French.

Wagy Burger Bus, the bistro

The Wagy Burger Bus is the first legal food truck in France. We share their joy and we bring out the champagne with them! Proof that street-food can be of high quality nowadays. If Wagy's burgers are so popular, it's because they use Kobe beef from Spain and the bread is worked by a baker. Have you ever tasted their BBQ Burger?

Mozza & Co, cheese lovers

The two managers of the food truck specialize in mozzarella. We highly recommend this food truck to enjoy a gourmet salad. The Smoking Truck, the star of the show. We don't doubt that you already know him, but we're putting him in anyway, in case you've forgotten. With the growing success of her burgers, manager Kristin Frederick has launched a new smoking truck, this time at a fixed address. Now we don't have to wait for hours before eating her burgers.

Mum Dim Sum, Asian cuisine

You knew the restaurant of the XVII arrondissement Mum Dim Sum, now discover its food truck! To you the lunch boxes of the food truck! You can choose between 6, 9 and 12 pieces of steamed bites.

Dépanneur Pigalle, the King of Tacos

The American food truck "Cantine California" has the particularity of being the only one that does not criss-cross the streets of Paris. Indeed, it is always installed in the 18th arrondissement. French fries, long live Belgium! After the American food truck, here is the truck from a neighbouring country, Belgium. At 5 euros per cone of homemade fries, we do not hesitate. You can also take a burger to satisfy a great hunger.

And as a bonus for dessert

Glazed, our childhood memory Fancy a cold dessert to cool off this summer? You'll love Glazed's ice cream. We're melting down in front of the Skimo's.

Would you like to go for it?

The advantages of a food truck

A food truck is a good way to retrain professionally. You come into contact with different personalities You can easily make yourself known in the capital thanks to the buzz You have the pleasure of doing what you really love...


It is difficult to obtain a parking permit in Paris because of the unfair competition that would be made to fixed bistros and restaurants. Indeed, the managers of food trucks do not pay VAT or taxes, which greatly annoys traditional restaurant owners. The old and the new school are in an arm wrestling match, or for the moment the food trucking industry is not in a strong position. Nevertheless, the majority of the food truckiens do not regret their experience and are delighted to have taken the plunge. They attract new customers every day. Of course this requires real investment, know-how and above all organisation. So, what is your favourite food truck?
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