It’s (almost) summer, let yourself be tempted by a Bubble Tea!

Published on : 18 June 20203 min reading time

Spring has arrived, you want to have a terrace to laze on? The ideal time to test the new trend of the moment, straight from Asia: bubble tea! Discover these exotic teas made from tapioca…

Since March 20th, Spring has been unveiling its flavours. The sun and the warm wind are making their appearance and our taste buds are salivating at the idea of savouring good refreshments! To avoid dehydration, it is recommended to drink regularly throughout the day.

Discover an unusual solution to vary the pleasures: drinking iced tea!

Not the traditional iced tea, but the one with big black or white Tapioca bubbles: “Le Bubble Tea”. Perhaps you’ve already heard of this refreshing drink? Let’s have a look at its history and composition.

Bubble Tea is a refreshing drink usually served cold. It can also be drunk hot, as you probably know that in hot weather it is advisable to drink drinks at room temperature or hot to reduce the feeling of heat. This exotic beverage from the island of Taiwan offers various flavors that will delight your taste buds:

Tea with milk
Pineapple tea
Green Tea
Peach tea
Lychee tea
Passion fruit tea
Lemon tea

This new trend, which originated in Asia, has met with great success since the 1980s and has spread from Asia to America and has recently arrived in France. Tea rooms in major French cities such as Paris and Lyon have already integrated it into their menus and bars dedicated to this Asian speciality are springing up all over the place.

The benefits of Bubble Tea

Tapioca, also called “Pearls of Japan” is the starch of the cassava root, it grows in Asia, South America, Africa and the West Indies.

With a large straw you can drink your exotic tea and eat this starch. Don’t stop at its rubbery appearance and neutral taste. It can be an ally for those who are preparing to go to the beach on a diet. Being part of the starchy family, it will help you calm your hunger with its satiating power.

In addition, Bubble Tea is the ideal drink for those of you who are regularly active in sports, as it is rich in carbohydrates.

Here are two tea rooms in Paris that we enjoyed

Probably one of the best known and appreciated for the variety of its menu and its professionalism: the Zen Zoo.

They make us want:

Tea with milk – Almond
Cocktail tea – Mango
Cocktail tea – Passion fruit
Soy tea

Théobul, (very) small tea room in Bastille that faithfully reproduces Asian flavours.

They make us envy:

Black tea with milk
Fruity tea
Peach tea

All you have to do is taste them!

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