Chef’s Tip: Prevent milk from spilling over

Heating milk in a saucepan is not without risk. A moment's inattention and the entire contents of the pan could spill over the stove. We give you some tips from chefs to avoid accidents. Milk escaping from the pan is a well-known and rather annoying thing, especially when you have just cleaned your hotplates thoroughly. Here are some chef tips to avoid the problem.

First tip: the anti-milk rise protection

The milk stoper is a small hollow disc made of stainless steel, Pyrex or ceramic that is placed at the bottom of the pan to reduce the formation of foam and skin on the surface of the milk, thus limiting overflow. In addition, it makes a noise when the milk starts boiling, allowing you to intervene. If you don't have a specific utensil, you can place a small saucer upside down in the saucepan, it will do the same job.

Second tip: the wooden spoon

You can also place a wooden spoon across the top of the pan to prevent the skin from forming and the milk from spilling over. Did you know that? Old-fashioned milk jugs had lids with holes in them to prevent the milk from escaping. All you have to do is try all these methods to see how effective they are. Come on, now that the milk problem is solved, why not prepare yourself a good gratin dauphinois?
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