The Chef’s Tip: how do you get your whipped cream up?

Making your own whipped cream can lead to a few mistakes. Luckily, we'll tell you everything you need to know to make your whipped cream like a Chef! If whipped cream isn't complicated on one point, it's its ingredients: whole cream, sugar and that's it! Where it gets tricky is in the success of the cream, which doesn't always rise very well. A quick look back at the basics and a few tricks will ensure that you'll be successful every time!

Cold, cold and more cold!

Before you start mounting your cream, it must be very cold. So place it in the freezer for a good quarter of an hour before you start whipping it up. The bowl in which you are going to place your cream must also be fresh, as must the whisk you are going to use. It is therefore best to place them in the fridge at least one hour before using them (I promise, we're not making fun of you).

Beware of the cream

If you were going to use low-fat cream to clear your conscience, we'd rather tell you right away: forget it. Low-fat cream is impossible to whip up into whipped cream, so you should only use whole liquid cream with at least 30% fat. Yes, whipped cream may give the impression of eating a little cloud, but this is the result of cream + sugar, let's not forget it.

Beat well, but not too much

Start by gently beating your crème fraîche first, before accelerating as it rises. However, do not beat too hard or for too long, otherwise you will miss the "whipped cream stop" and start again without turning back until you reach the "butter stop". The cream is ready when it forms a beak at the end of the whisk. If you want to flavour it, do so at the beginning to avoid the cream falling back once it has been whipped. One last little tip: don't keep your cream too long, even in the refrigerator. Beyond 24 hours, it may turn. Do you have any other tips for making a successful whipped cream?
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