Spanish tortilla recipe

Fancy some tapas? Discover the Spanish tortilla recipe. This omelette is made from potatoes and is simple to make. All the steps of preparation. This week we take you to Spain! La Rédac' has selected then prepared a typical recipe of the country: the tortilla. This omelette is usually found with potatoes in the tapas bars of Barcelona, Madrid or Seville. It makes you want it, so let's cook!

How do we do it?

Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes

Necessary ingredients

6 eggs 500 grams of potatoes Salt. Garlic Spices: paprika, tandori, cumin

Necessary utensils

1 salad bowl 1 mixing fork 1 frying pan 1 large plate

Ready? Let's cook!

Break all the eggs in your salad bowl and stir. Add a few pinches of salt and spices. Add all the potatoes to your salad bowl and mix. Oil your stove and pour in the preparation. Cook the first side for 5 minutes over medium heat. Using a large plate, turn the tortilla over and return it to the pan. Leave the second side to brown for 5 minutes as well. There you go, your tortilla's ready! You can eat it hot or cold, cut it into squares and serve it as a tapas. Many alternatives exist, you can use onion instead of garlic, put vegetables, add chorizo. We wish you a good tasting!
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