Coffee machine: Which one to buy?

Currently, coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in France, just after water. Statistics indicate that nearly 90% of the French population drinks coffee regularly. But to prepare coffee properly, it is necessary to have a high-performance coffee machine. This household appliance is now available in several types and finding your way around quickly becomes a headache. Indeed, there are several types, with different brands and prices. If you want to buy a new coffee machine, here is a short guide to help you make your choice.

What criteria should you use to choose your coffee machine?

Before you start looking for the ideal coffee machine, you should first establish your consumption habits. To do this, it may be necessary to ask yourself a few simple questions about the number of people who will use the machine, the type of coffee you want or the space you have in your kitchen. First of all the type of machine. Not all coffee machines are the same in terms of speed and taste of coffee. There are several types, such as capsule machines, machines with an integrated grinder, such as the espresso machine with grinder, or classic filter machines. In addition to the type of machine, size, energy consumption and ease of cleaning are also criteria to be taken into account. The different types of coffee machines, advantages and disadvantages First of all, the classic filter coffee maker. It is the most basic and easy-to-use coffee machine, it is also the cheapest. Its mechanism is very basic, as water passes through a filter to produce the coffee. All you have to do is know how to put the right amount in the filter, which makes it an ideal machine for a family. In addition to its ease of use, this machine is inexpensive. But this low cost is at the expense of the quality of the coffee produced, because filtering does not allow all the aromas to express themselves. Coffee machines with integrated grinders, ideal for those who love good coffee. With this type of machine, all you have to do is put the coffee beans in the tank provided and wait a minute or two. These machines can be quite expensive to buy, but the coffee produced is unrivalled in terms of taste. Finally, the espresso machines, with pods or ground coffee. This type of machine uses steam to extract the aroma from the coffee in the pod. This process takes place very quickly, making it the fastest coffee machine. The price of the machine is under control, but the cost of the pods can add segment costs. With this machine, the coffee produced has an excellent taste.

Tips for choosing and preparing your coffee properly

To make a successful coffee preparation, several parameters must be taken into account. First of all, the type of coffee used. There are two main types, Arabica and Robusta. Robusta is richer in caffeine, however, it has fewer aromas. In general, arabica is more appreciated by coffee lovers. The origins of coffee can also vary in taste and aroma, the choice will be made according to your preferences. Then, once the choice of coffee has been made, when preparing it, prefer machines with neutral materials, such as ceramic, stainless steel or glass. Use mineral water and avoid tap water. Tap water can have a high pH, which will affect the taste of the coffee. Finally, remember that the longer the time it takes for the water to pass through the filter, the stronger the coffee will be.
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