Chef’s tip: Prepare and preserve your onion jam before Christmas!

If you are a foie gras lover, you know that the onion confit to accompany it is a bit of a must. But making onion confit isn't that complicated, is it? But how do you preserve it afterwards? We love onion confit. Especially with foie gras, but not only. Recently we said to ourselves that onion confit shouldn't be so complicated to make and preserve, so why buy it? So here is our chef's tip to prepare and preserve onion confit for a month or two, or even longer. If there is one vegetable that costs three times nothing, it's onions. But onion confit (or jam) is just onions, sugar, balsamic vinegar and sometimes a little red wine, depending on the recipe. It's a bit long to prepare (you have to let it stew on low heat for a very long time) but frankly very simple and it can allow you to save a lot of money. After finding different onion confit recipes on the Internet (here and there for example) the question is how to preserve it. Because it has to be said, it would be convenient to keep it for a long time. Making reserves "just in case" is always a good thing. However, few recipes indicate how to preserve the candied fruit afterwards, and especially for how long.

Who says onion jam says... tasty jam!

Onion jam is no more and no less than a jam, so it can be preserved in the same way. You can use jars of commercially available jam in good condition to give it a second life. The secret is sterilization. This is essential to prevent the contents of your jar from becoming mouldy. Soak your jars and their lids in a container of boiling water for at least 10 minutes. They should be completely covered. Then take them out (without burning yourself!) and put them upside down on a clean cloth so that the water can drain out. Then pour your onion confit into the jar, close it tightly by pressing down a little on the lid to expel the air. Normally your onion jam should keep until Christmas! Well, we know what we're doing this weekend ...
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