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Pastry and sweet delights

Chef’s ideas for making cold desserts, delicious cakes, pancakes, crepes, dessert cream, gourmet pies and cakes, pastries and cookies, all found on chef’s websites.

To cook well, you will need utensils and restaurant equipment such as flavourings, colourings, cookie cutters, shells, moulds, cook’s hat and many more catering equipment of a professional range like those available at Roller Grill for instance. The choice and preparation of ingredients and utensils is very important before you start cooking.

Starters and appetizers

Starters and appetizers

Eggplant tomato and mozzarella cake, fresh cheese and smoked salmon wrap, asparagus with raw ham… there are aperitif and starter recipes for a tasty menu and ideas for aperitif dinners. Find cold or hot recipes based on fresh vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, cheese or eggs in our site and everywhere online on platforms. There are also easy and inexpensive recipes, whether traditional or original, for all your special events.

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Cooking dishes

Pizzas, pasta, lasagne, gratins, cakes, brochettes, blanquettes… Tested and approved dishes for your meals as a couple, with family or friends!

Delicious recipes

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Gourmet dessert recipes

Lemon cream, chocolate verrine, orange mousse, creamy apple pie, coconut flan, soft apple and yoghurt cake… Here are all for the pleasure of your mouths!

Combining several mignardises and mini desserts to be crunched with your fingertips is a good idea to create a variety of tastes and flavours. Increase the pleasure with mini raspberry tarts, a pistachio macaroon and Florentine biscuits with almonds…

Healthy & tasty meal ideas

Eat better, live better! Adopting a balanced diet is difficult these days when the temptation of ready-made meals is increasingly dominant. Hence the importance of learning healthy and tasty meal tips to cook easily on a daily basis. It is possible to compose menus that are both delicious and healthy, without spending a lot of money thanks to simple and easy recipes. A healthy diet is a balanced and varied diet based on fruit, vegetables and meats, but also hot chocolate, a hot and tasty drink at the same time. A balanced breakfast should be complete and composed of a hot drink (tea, chicory, coffee, hot chocolate), a dairy product (milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc.), a cereal product (rusks, wholemeal bread, cereals) and a fruit (fruit juice, compote, seasonal fruit, etc.).

Endive and cheese platter, crunchy vegetable and ricotta bush, aubergine canapés, beetroot cannelloni, mushrooms stuffed with vegetables, cucumbers with herbs… They are are recipe ideas for a balanced meal with meat, fish, green vegetables, starch, dairy products and bread. Among the valuable tips for a healthy diet, use 5 parts (from 80 g to 100 g) of seasonal fruit in your recipes per day. Eat 3 dairy products a day to include in your meals. Don’t forget starchy foods such as potatoes, rice or pasta. And don’t neglect animal proteins (meat, fish, eggs) which should be eaten once or twice a day. Finally, don’t overindulge in very sweet cakes and sweets and limit the consumption of fat, sweet products and salt.